I would like to thank all the people who stood by me. To the people who have always supported me, whether at the beginning of this studio or now, when the studio is already somewhat established. These people also contributed something, something that supported me and helped me get here. It was a lot of things, money, physical things, advertising, free VPS to run my services, etc… I am glad that I could meet these great people and work with them. I hope that our cooperation will continue and will be beneficial for both parties.

This person has stood by me since the very beginning. He donated me a lot of money. When we played a football match recently, he arranged shorts and jerseys for our team and fans. He arranged the production and transport almost half of the world. He designed the design of this site and helped pay for traffic.

This company offered me a free VPS with enough resources to run my services. They also contributed to the funding of football clothing for my team. They also initiated the creation of the foundation for the servers and supported it financially.

Other Partners

Lucid Development

Null Byte


SH Store

STG Development

Maxgestic Scripts

A5 Scripts

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10% OFF Code: codely

Pickle Mods

CB Development

Markhor Scripts

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Brutal Scripts

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