Together with UniversalGG we have decided to make a FiveM server base so you can start your new FiveM server easily, with a lot of things done and ready. We made this server to be optimized, quality and user friendly.


Key Bindings:

  • Emergency:
    • Q – Turns on emergency lights
    • , – Cycle siren tone
    • . – Disable sirens
    • R – Honk your siren
    • Arrow Up – Toggle emergency second siren
    • Shift + Y (Z) – Fast cuffs
    • Shift + H – Player tackle
    • F3 – Dispatch
  • Other:
    • F1 – Phone
    • F2 – Inventory
    • F4 – Radial menu
    • B – Seatbelt (In vehicle) | Pointing (not in vehicle)
    • X – Hands up
    • G – Cross hands
    • DEL – Scoreboard
    • L – (In vehicle) Cruise control

Garage System:

/vehiclekeys – Allows you to share vehicle keys with others

/garagekeys – Allows you to share garage keys with others

– You can buy private garages on the map, labeled “Garage Private”

/impound – (For LEO only) – You can impound vehicle using this

– You can lockpick locked vehicles using item ‘lockpick’

– You can park vehicles near parking meters using command /parkingmeter (WIP)

– When buying vehicles, you can chose wheteher to pay via card or with cash

– There are 2 types of vehicles: Personally owned and society owned

– Owner in the database of a personal vehicle is identifier, of a job vehicles (shared vehicle) is job

– You can store personally owned vehicles in public garages, shared vehicles in job garages

– You can get a vehicle to shared by 2 types:

  • By purchasing the vehicle in job shop (can be confnigured in renzu_vehicleshop)
  • Purchasing vehicle in normal shop and then running command ‘/toSociety’ which will transfer personal vehicle to society and make it shared

– Everyone from the certain job can access all of the shared vehicles, they get saved fuel, tunning, damages …

– Boss of the society can withdrawn vehicles using command /fromSociety

– You can not store personal vehicles in society garages and you can not store shared vehicles in your personal garages

Banking System:

– You can send bill from Radial Menu (F4). To pay it, you have to head to the Bank

– Shared (society) accounts are done via banks as well, boss of the job has to go to bank to see his finances

– For every single job, admins have to create an account in the bank and then give an access to job boss

– You can have up to 10 accounts totaly, each at price 5000$


– You can cuff players using radialmenu (F4)

– You can cuff them with Handcuffs and Zipties

– To uncuff player with zipties, you don’t need any items and you won’t get them back

– To uncuff player with handcuffs, you will need item called Handcuffs key, when it is unlocked, you will get item Handcuffs back

– It also uses beautiful animations

– You can also Drag, Put In & Out of vehicles


– You can buy as many houses as you want to
– Those houses can be furnitured with furniture you can buy in shops
– You can sell houses
– You can lock/unlock houses
– You can change location of wardrobe/cloakroom of the house
– Properties have their own garages
– Real estate job can create new properties (/property:create)
– Admin can view all proprties, edit them and view their owners (/property:admin)
– You can watch CCTV cameras of your house and even take photos!

– Creating New Properties:

  • Use command ‘/property:create’ to start creation of new properties

– Adding custom shells:

  • ensure resources called loaf_offsetfinder (‘ensure loaf_offsetfinder’)
  • Use command /testshell to spawn your shell and copy coords and offsets to your config

Creating vehicle images:

– Change Webhooks and your License ID in: vImageCreator/config.lua

– Type command /getperms

– Start screenshoting using command: ‘/startscreenshot’

Chat commands:

– No prefix for Local Message (Will be shown only to players near you)

– /me, /do, /police, /ems, /sheriff, /doc ( Will send repeating message with number you enter -> 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 …), /announce (Only for admins)

– /here is used for placing static messages on the ground, it will stay here till the server restart (you can delete them using /here on the same place or admins can do that using command it will be deleted when you disconnect from FiveM)

– /status pins message to your body till you leave the server or you use /status command command to be removed

LEO (Law Enforcement Officers):

– Using Shift + Y/Z you can fastly cuff a player (changeable in the settings)

– Using Shift + H you can tackle a player (changeable in the settings)

– You can take a mugshot of a player in the MRPD location (x = 439, y = -989, z = 26) which makes a photo of the player + copies image link to your clipboard

– /panic or F4 – Work – Panic Button activates panic button visible for all the LEOs

– You can open the dispatch using F3, swap to Left (Left Arrow), Right (Right Arrow), Set Waypoint (O key), /mover to set position of the dispatch and enter dispatch settings, using I key to close it.

– You can go off/on duty anywhere on the map, or in places using qtarget

– You can open job MDT using /mdt command (or from radialmenu (F4)

Mechanic Actions:

– Mechanics can buy and install turbos into vehicles, nitros. Only mechanics can do that

– Mechanics can sell stance kits, which are one time use items, player can use them in a vehicle and set wheels properties

– Mechanics can wash and repair vehicles only near Vans/Mechanic vehicles or inside their customs

– Everyone can buy flatbed and attach vehicles on the vehicle using ‘marker’ near that vehicle

– There is 6 predefined customs

Food system:

– You can buy only 2 items from shops: water + chocolate bar. Both items are usable and fill your bars up to 50%

– You can buy items in drive thrus (you will automatically consume them), they give maximally 75%

– You can go to restaurants/pubs/bars where the food will be give by players. You can gain there 100%

– As a waiter, you can grab food/drinks and distribute it to players

— Why is it done like that? We want to force players to visit resturants, pubs and bars to make them communicate with other players, not just buy 300x bread and water and stupidly use that

– When you start running low on food/water, you won’t die, but you will anoying effects (screen blinking, then you will start moving like injured, moving slowly, randomly start falling on the ground and if you have really low food/water, you will see black and white)

Ilegal Jobs:

– Mafia with grade > 1 can craft Assault Rifle, for this needs 10 weaponparts and 15000$ money & 5.56 bullets – 10 for 5$

– Bloods with grade > 0 can craft Heavy Pistol,for this needs 3 weaponparts and 5000$ money & 5.56 bullets – 10 for 5$

– Vagos with grade > 0 can craft Assault SMG, for this needs 5 weapon parts and 8000$ money & 7.76 bullets 8 for 5$

– Grove street members with grade > 0 can craft Combat PDW, for this needs 8 weapon parts and 15000$ money & 7.76 bullets 8 for 5$

– Families with grade > 0 can craft Mini SMG, for this needs 8 weapon parts and 10000$ money & 7.76 bullets 8 for 5$

– Crips with grade > 0 can craft Gusenberg, for this needs 10 weapon parts and 10000$ money & 5.56 bullets 10 for 5$


– You can plant weed anywhere on the map. You just need item called ‘weed_seed’. You can fertilize and water this item to get better quality. The more quality and progress your weed plant has, the more reward you receive.

– You can pack meth you get from robberies in location ‘vec3(1015.2054,-3194.9634,-38.9932)’, you will get 1 methpack from 2 meth and 1 baggie item

– You can pack coke you get from robberies in location ‘vec3(1093.2993,-3196.6106,-8.9935) ‘, you will get 1 cokepack from 2 coke and 1 baggie

– You can dry weed in location vec3(1037.5345,-3205.3574,-38.1703)’, you will get 7 dry weed from 10 weed

– You can pack joint in location ‘vec3(1033.9592,-3203.8149,-38.1787)’, you will get 1 joint from 2 dry weed and 1 ocb

– You can sell those items in the streets using command /sellDrugs, be careful, there are areas where you can be killed if you are selling alone.

– You can sell drugs also from phone cabbin at coords ‘vec3(-262.5074,-765.576,32.6092)’

– You can deliver drugs around the city in a VAN from the location of ‘vec3(418.2811,-1554.6141,29.0316)’

– There is a chance of cops being called that you are selling drugs


– There are teleports to processing interiors:

— Weed Processing: ‘vec3(-93.8409,-1788.1555,28.8671)’

— Coke Packing: ‘vec3(-157.7843,-54.5182,54.3961)’

— Math Packing ‘vec3(-341.146,34.6738,52.1105)’


– You can take these jobs without setting job

– You can be trucker, do fishing (for this you will need to buy items in the shops), be miner, 

Phone (NPWD)

– We are using a modern phone that has a lot of functions

– You can call, add contacts, create message groups, send stickers, photos, share notes, location … .

– You can use calculator, browse Internet, Twitter or use Matchmaker to find some hot friends 🙂

– You can place your offers on the market place and send advertisements in advertisement place.

– You can trade with crypto currencies

– You can save notes, take photos and save them in gallery

– You can manage your bank from phone, the bank is integrated with the banking system

– In services page, you can see phone number of members of certain jobs

– You can play with the phone settings in settings

Other Stuff:

– Time is persistent, synced to all the players. Admins can change that using /easytime

– You can sit on any chair you want to using qtarget (Left Alt) and Wake up using ‘X’ key

– You can carry people from the radialmenu

– You can rent vehicles in the rentals, then return them, If you pay insurance fee and damage that vehicle, you won’t be charged for damaging this vehicle

– In the boss menu, boss can copy his own outfits to job cloakrooms. Every employee will see the outfits saved by his boss

– We respect your time and because of this you only need to take the theoretical test in the DMV school in order to be able to get driving license

– You can open HUD settings menu using /hudsettings command. The map will be only showed while you are in a vehicle.

– You health + armour will be saved after restart

Everyone will receive his motel room when he creates character. You can rent multiple rooms in two different motels around the map (

You can get healed in the EMS. You must check in in the reception and then get to the back part of hospital and get near the bed. Wait 5 minutes and then you will get healed automatically. Works same as with reveving.

– You can raise your hands using ‘X’, you can cross your hands using ‘G’ and start pointing using ‘B’

– You can access documents, boss can create job temaples for documents

– You can buy a radio and join frequencies, first 5 (0 – 5) are for LEO

– You will see postals when you are in a vehicle. You can disable/enable that using command /togglepostal

– You can set route to the closest postal using command ‘/postal nearestCode’ or you can remove route using command ‘/postal’

We decided to make this server template to make it easier for you to get started with your new FiveM server. We have connected several sophisticated scripts to enhance your server experience even more. The server contains many unique things, custom written scripts (sqz_bossmenu, sqz_foodsystem). All scripts are highly optimized, they work for multiplayer and OneSync Infinity. Our server is fully protected by our anticheat, all the server events are secured. Cheaters can no longer jail everyone, give money or send everyone to community service. The server IP you can connect to is:
In case you find any bugs or there is something you want me to add, let me know, contacting me using the Discord.

We hope this helps you get your new server up and running and you’re happy with your purchase 🙂


Only remaining for 200€